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Alice: Imagine Afterwords

I'm always looking for "the" book that will sweep me off my feet and this takes much more than the typical romance. A good adventure book though is close enough to do the trick.

Summer Planning

So today I signed up for my local library reading program and picked up some books to read. I'm so excited since this will be the first time that I'm participating in such a thing without any requirement needed.


I need to get the numbers up so that the likelihood of me getting a prize would happen! Yes, I'm excited about that, but it's not really the reason why I joined. While the prize is a perk, there are a lot of YA books/series that I want to read. 2014 has been the revival of my reading hobby. There are so many books out there that I need to catch up on...or give a chance on.


I don't have any reading goals that I'm striving to achieve this year (and I don't want to form one) but I'm really looking forward to diving into all of these different worlds.


I mean, I could probably go on Goodreads and find some read-a-longs...but me and reading schedules just don't go together very well.


I can't wait to read more!!


On another note, I've just finished reading "Throne of Glass" by Sarah J. Maas and I'm pumped with adrenaline!! Such a bad idea. Now I need to find something to do or else I won't be able to sleep.